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September 19, 2010
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Celeste III by Mickilla Celeste III by Mickilla
The "Celeste III" was the first working production model of the Chassepot mk. XII long rifle. Compared to other Ellisian rifles the most striking feature should be the revolving cylinder magazine, which holds 6 10x132mm ultra-magnum disintegrating-sabot rounds. This type of round is also very unconventional in that it starts out in a familiar shape, but as soon as the sabot jacket around it disintegrates during firing the round's soft body stretches backwards from the hard tip, thinning and elongating the round into a 8 inch long aerodynamic needle.

The weapon's internal mechanics are quite similar to the larger mk. VII rifles, however the main differences are in the proportions. For the size of the round in question, the recoil compensator and muzzle brake are disproportionately large. By enlarging this system and making a much higher propellant-to-round ratio this weapon's recoil is much greatly reduced to make semiautomatic fire practical. As an added bonus, with so much gas funneled away from the barrel the weapon's muzzle flash and report are significantly diminished, almost to the extent of a traditional suppressor.

Considering these benefits in addition to a smaller and lighter frame, the mk. XII makes for a more versatile alternative to the typical Ellisian long rifles, while still adding significantly higher accuracy and penetration values than short-barrel carbines.

Other miscellaneous details include the fact that the entire cylinder can be ejected and discarded, to be replaced by another on the fly as opposed to sliding in new cartridges one at a time. Also, the built-in iron sights use a narrow rear aperture as opposed to the normal tangent-type sights seen on other rifles of the line.

Production of the mk. XII has been regrettably slow, with only a handful of units completed. As things stand currently, the only one in circulation is the original, the Celeste III, which one Eliram Nadiel created as a replacement for the aging, cumbersome Celeste II. It is unknown if the variant will be developed elsewhere.
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Karbo Sep 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
impressive details and descriptions here ^^ you clearly now what you are talking about :)
Zion-Atriedes Sep 20, 2010
Hm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but while the needle shape would undoubtedly yield fantastic accuracy and armor-piercing properties (provided the needle-round could survive impact), the hydrostatic shock would be minimal. It would take a spot-on shot to the medula to kill the target, and the round would have almost zero stopping power. It would be incredibly painful even in a non-kill shot, but the same can be said of any gun. Plus, non-fatal hits would have such armor-piercing that they'd likely sail right THROUGH the target, which is actually less desirable than a round that fragments within the body (going back to hydrostatic shock). Unless, of course, the needle-round DOES fragment, though it'd be hard to explain why it'd fragment in the body and not upon impact on armor.

Not to be overly critical. Really, I'm just showing off my own gun knowledge. I'm horrible when it comes to showboating.
The idea is that the tip of the round is the most durable part and is likewise the most dense. The soft metal that stretches into the 'tail' lags behind it. The tip alone would have the kinetic energy to do the piercing and maintain ballistics, while the expendable tail will likely break and leave fragments behind as the round punctures through the target surface. Net effect- against hard targets the mass will compress longitudinally upon impact, putting all of the energy into breaking through and scattering shrapnel in a cone-shaped pattern. Against soft targets the tip will continue through with minimal deceleration, leaving a spiral of metal fragments in its wake.

For the time being I'm imagining that the tail would actually be made with key ingredients like lead and mercury... having that scattered inside you will not be pleasant or healthy.
Zion-Atriedes Sep 21, 2010
Ah. I was acting on the assumption the round was made of the same material throughout. If, however, it was a two-stage round, with the intention of the "tail" fragmenting within once the kinetic energy of impact passed through the tip, then I suppose hydrostatic shock would still occur.

Unfortunately, a good deal of the tail's mass would be lost before hitting soft tissue, but I suppose no weapons system is perfect.
Bear in mind that this is still an anti-predator weapon first and an antipersonnel weapon second. Most preds you see would exist as a giant mass of unarmored flesh so in their case the penetration values would actually be put to good use. By the time the head comes to a stop and the tail's material has been used up the amount of damage will (in theory) have warranted the shot to begin with.
Zion-Atriedes Sep 21, 2010
True. I have a tendency to think of weapons in a non-Felaryan context. Against armored targets, this weapon wouldn't be as effective as quite a few others out there. Against predators, however, I suppose it'd be useful enough.

Still, I'm partial to explosives, myself.
kjino570 Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lost planet + Killzone remind me

any way sweet~
Would it work on small game like rabbits or squirrels? =D
"This type of round is also very unconventional in that it starts out in a familiar shape, but as soon as the sabot jacket around it disintegrates during firing the round's soft body stretches backwards from the hard tip, thinning and elongating the round into a 8 inch long aerodynamic needle. "

:iconlamo: That so sounds like sexual inendo that I'd buy one just for the sales picth! :XD: Fucking awesome weapon! Conveint and effective in "big game hunting" I'd say lol Do you do this kind of thing often? I didn't even know you could host weapon biograpies on Felaraya.
I've pitched weapon ideas and diagrams before, if that's what you're asking. But I am still pretty new to putting them specifically here. Might start taking commissions if people show interest.
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